Photography locations in Orange County

  1. Laguna Beach
  2. Santa Ana Union Station
  3. Irvine Regional Park
  4. Santiago Oaks Regional Park
  5. Mission San Juan Capistrano
  6. Quail Hill Trail Head Irvine

In Orange County, taking photographs for portraits is one of the straightforward and common types of work for professional photographers. Typical forms of portraiture include singles, couples, school photos, baby/maternal, boudoir, commercial, and more. In fact, any photo session that’s focused on a person or group of people (in contrast to an event) can be considered as portrait work. When you need such photos taken, you can discuss settings, themes, and timing with your Orange County photographer well in advance. This form of photography gives you access to professional talents that you can use to immortalize the most important moments and people in your life.

The right choice of theme and location can lend your portrait photos a distinctive and unifying appearance. Beach photography is particularly popular in Orange County. The standard attire for these kinds of portrait sessions includes quality sun dresses and Hawaiian or button-up shirts.

Another popular background for portraits is picking out a theme related to the city. This is generally ideal for individuals or couples, but many families opt for city-themed portraits too. (It’s also a great choice for individuals or groups who have a strong connection to a particular location.) Families — especially those with young children — particularly like having portraits taken in local parks.

You might also consider these very popular portrait locations in Orange County and Los Angeles:

Once you’ve given some thought to the ideal setting for your portrait shoot, you need to choose your photographer. Given the sheer number of different people who want or need to have portraits taken, this particular kind of photography attracts a lot of competition. Many professionals have different approaches, different levels of experience, and use different types of equipment. If you’re wondering about my own background in the Orange County photography scene, I’ll lay out the basics here. You can find more information on the “about me” page. I’ve been working as a professional photographer here for three years. I’ve always done my best to keep expanding my base of professional knowledge so that I can deliver the best possible photographs to my clients while keeping my prices down.

I know that few people are really interested in — or even necessarily aware of — all the little things that go into a great portrait session. They really just want to get high-quality portraits at the end of the day. (On the other hand, I’m happy to work patiently with clients who have more advanced needs!) As an integral part of my professional work, I try to meet that need and do it while delivering an exceptional level of customer service. Full satisfaction throughout the portrait-taking process, from planning to end results, is my goal. Camarie Photography has been lauded as one of the best photographers in Orange County and Los Angeles. See her latest work in her senior photo gallery and latest portraiture galleries from her stunning portfolio in Los Angeles