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In the OC, portrait photography is the simplest and most common type of work for photographers. Examples of the types of portraits taken include senior high school pictures, boudoir portraits, maternity and baby shoots, business leaders, couples, families, and singles. In actuality, the category of portrait photography includes any photo shoot taken of a group of people or of a single individual. The time, setting, and themes for these portraits is agreed upon by both the Orange County photographer and you. Having an Orange County photography take a portrait is a priceless way to capture the family memories, the people you love, and all of the things that you hold dear.

When you are making the decisions about your personalized portrait session, you will get the opportunity to choose from many different locations and themes. A beach setting is one of the most popular available. When it comes to these portrait sessions on the beach, pretty sun dresses and buttoned up Hawaiian shirts are the order of the day.

The city theme is another very popular setting. In general, singles and couples are more attracted to this type of portrait. However, for people and families who enjoy buildings, it is a great choice. When it comes to family shoots, the most adorable portraits are taken at local parks, particularly when there are young children in the family. Portrait sessions can use any back drop. However, the traditional styles are most often chosen by models. It’s is time to select your photographer once you have determined what style you want for your portraits.

In LA and Orange County, here are some of the best locations for almost any kind of portrait:

Union Station, LA

San Juan Capistrano Mission, OC

Downtown Fullerton, OC

Venice Beach, LA

Laguna Beach, OC

In the professional world of the Orange County photographer, portrait photography is one fo the most competitive and widest niches in the industry. A given photographer can work with a broad array of equipment which is used in various ways depending upon their level of experience and chosen style. Now that you know all of this, you are probably wondering which type of Orange County photographer I am. I will give you some basic information here. On my About Me page, there is additional information. For the past three years. I have been working in Orange County as a professional photographer. I have a commitment to giving my customers high quality work at fair prices and continually learn more about my trade.

I am aware that the entire process of having a portrait done involves a lot more work that most people are aware of. However, I do work hard to deliver the best customer service and reliably good work as part of my service providing professional photography to residents of Orange County. I work hard to ensure that each of my clients has an experience that is highly personalized and high quality. That is the type of photographer that i am.

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