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Portrait photography done well is one of the most intimate and revealing types of photography styles around and why only a select few in Orange County California can achieve that perfect result for you. Choosing the right photographer will also depend on the style you’d prefer and the type of portrait photography you’re interested in. Is it a single’s portrait or a couple? Is this formal for business or casual daily life? Family portrait? New baby in the family? How about school portraits of the kids? The choices are endless in the world of portrait photography and it’s up to you and your chosen Orange County photographer to decide the theme and settings you’d like. In short, a great portrait photograph is a priceless way to capture the essence of the subject during that exact moment in time so choose a photographer wisely.

In Orange County, there are a variety of themes and locations in which you can choose from to hold your personalized portrait session to capture this moment. Some suggestions of areas which are perfect for portraits would be, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and many more beaches. Other prime spots would be Downtown Fullerton, the San Juan Capistrano Mission, and even Union Station. Check out Style Me Pretty for great inspiration and ideas.

These are all nearby and easy to access so you are not limited in this regard. When deciding on an idea for a portrait, the most popular theme of choice, which makes sense in Orange County, is the beach setting. With wonderful beaches plus beautiful water as your backdrop, a beach themed portrait session will surely exemplify you and OC at it’s finest.

Interestingly enough, another popular choice is a city setting portrait. Normally used best for single or couples photographs, these can be modified quite nicely for family and group portraits as well. Local parks are a prime example of this. With the children looking adorable while the backdrop of the city setting a nice contrast to the beautiful nature of a park, is a great choice for a different look. In the end, the choice of scenery will be up to you. Traditional styles are usually the standard but reviewing a photographer’s portfolio should reveal if other options are available. This is again why photographer choice is very important.

Portrait photography in general is a very competitive area and especially so in the Orange County area. With a broad array of varying styles, experience and equipment used by each professional to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. At this moment, you’re probably wondering what I’m all about. Since you’re here, you probably are interested in my style and the pictures I’ve taken as shown on my website. I have a more detailed biography on my “About Me” page but will briefly go over the basics here. I have been a professional photographer in Orange County over the past 3 years with a focus on constantly improving my skill set to provide the best experience to my clients, all at the best quality and fair pricing.

What makes me unique among other photographers is I also focus on reliable and available customer service. I understand the process of achieving a great portrait photograph is the connection you and I will have. I make it a point to address any concerns and answer all your questions so the experience is personal and aligned to your vision of a perfect portrait session. That is the type of photographer I am.

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